Words and The Word

February 7, 2009

Words and The Word curriculum

This is a PDF file of a course I designed to encourage reflection on the relationship between words and meaning. It is also designed to disarm those of us who would use words–especially the words of scripture–to attack our brothers and sisters.

Another way of expressing the goal of the course would be to say that it aims at freeing the human mind (my mind, your mind) from fundamentalist thinking.

Pages 95-97 (“Father Abraham and Paradigm Shift, Shift, Shift”) and 102-106 (“Orthodoxy: Words, Infallibility, and Interpretation”) touch upon the Baha’i Faith.

Any part of this course may be copied at will, without needing to obtain my permission.

The comic strip selections are not part of the course itself, and are intended to serve as an example of how one might use humor to facilitate learning. Any public use of the comic strips would probably require getting permission from the authors of the comic strips themselves.